Tilemaster Adhesives – Super Flow 30 20kg

  • Two-part, ultra-rapid setting an drying high performance self-levelling from compound.
  • Can be applied from depths of 2mm to 15mm in one application.
  • Offers excellent flow and adhesion properties.
  • Can be used without the need to prime the large majority of substrates.
  • Suitable for use over a wide range of substrates including sand/cement screeds, concrete, flooring grate asphalt/bitumen, ceramic, porcelain tiles, moisture tolerant old adhesive residues, epoxy damp proof membranes and plywood.
  • Moisture tolerant; can be used below a DPM.
  • Remains workable for 10-15 minutes once mixed.
  • Can accept light floor coverings after 30 minutes.
  • Floorcoverings can be installed after 90 minutes.